Nóra Kavanagh M.A., M.A., B.A. Mus. ALCM, TTCT.


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Welcome to the Nóra Kavanagh School of Music

Founded in 1994 the ethos of the school is to enable each student to reach a high level of self satisfaction. Classes are offered in a range of instruments which include flute, whistle, piano, keyboard, concertina, button and piano accordion. Group and/or individual tuition is catered for. Learning a musical instrument has many benefits including improving hand-eye coordination, respiratory muscle development and is a means of expressing emotions. Playing an instrument is also an effective way of improving self-confidence. Ensemble work has many lifelong benefits addressing areas such as teamwork by socially interacting with students of a similar age group and level. Group work creates an awareness of a variety of instruments, develops performance, presentation and listening skills.




The aim of the School is to provide professional, personalised tuition in a friendly encouraging environment, where the musical talents of each student can develop naturally according to their potential and ability. Whilst the emphasis is on learning for enjoyment, students have been very successful with many following a career in music. Having over twenty five years experience it is worthwhile bearing in mind when selecting music classes the initial choice you make will set the seeds for life. Good technique is the foundation stone upon which a student can build upon confidently and successfully. Students progress from an early age through a tailored system to Junior/Leaving Cert/Diploma and third level qualifications.

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EDEL KENNY | Reply 23.02.2014 16.18

Thanks Nora for sharing your web site with us its lovely well done .....

Clodagh | Reply 18.02.2014 18.08

Lovely web site!

Miranda O Bolguidhir | Reply 18.02.2014 09.11

A great site Nora!

Suzanne | Reply 15.02.2014 16.58

Great informative site - Well done Nóra

Paul | Reply 15.02.2014 12.37

Excellent work Nora, keep it up..

Eamon Duffin | Reply 15.02.2014 06.30

Congratulations Nora, not just on the site but on everything you have and continue to do for the music. I wish you every success in the future;

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Thank you to all for performing on St. Patrick's Day. Our next performance is on Easter Monday as part of the 1916 celebrations.

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Thanks Nora for sharing your web site with us its lovely well done .....

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Lovely web site!

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A great site Nora!

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